Josh & the Crew, Brixton Beach by Matt Stansfield

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Editorial, Personal Project

Stockwell Skatepark is located close to Brixton Academy & was originally built in 1978 on the former site of the Brixton Tabernacle Baptist Church. Since becoming a skatepark it has reached legendary status & is affectionately known as Stockwell Sands or Brixton Beach. I popped over for a look & bumped into Josh & the crew earlier today. To see the full story:
Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_1 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_2 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_3 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_5 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_6 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_7 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_8 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_9 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_10 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_11 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_13 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_14 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_17 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_18 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_19 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_21 Brixton-skate-park-Matt-Stansfield-Lifestyle-Youth-Culture_22

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Matt specialises in fashion, youth culture and lifestyle. His focus is always on capturing something raw: an un-staged moment caught between frames, a space where models become real people and real people lose their inhibitions. Clients include: Nike, Umbro, Adidas, Ben Sherman Jr, Supra, Boohoo, Panasonic, Lenovo, MA.Strum, Soccer Bible, Clarks, Nintendo, Ohw? Footwear, and Client Magazine. Represented by common era For all enquiries please contact: Kevin Moore agent/producer 07940264600

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