Duchy Originals lamb producer Daffyd Jones by Matt Stansfield

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Portrait shoot with Welsh hillside sheep farmer Daffyd Jones who produces amazing lamb for Duchy Originals. I was sent across the border at the crack of dawn to capture Dafydd tending his flock at Maesllwyni Farm, Penegoes, Machynlleth. The location was stunning & the early morning  views across the rolling hills of the Dyfi Valley north to Cader Idris and Arran Fawddwy and south to the Cambrian Mountains were simply breathtaking & it was a real pleasure working with Daffyd. The shoot was commissioned by Waitrose Weekend.  To view the full story: www.mattstansfield.co.uk


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I shoot lifestyle, fashion & portraits for advertising, design & editorial clients in London, Manchester, rest of the UK & abroad. To discuss an upcoming project call on 07815158057 or email me: info@mattstansfield.co.uk or my partner emma@mattstansfield.co.uk

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